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It’s hard to believe I’ve been here at Casa Elsa (between Quepos and Manuel Antonio) a week already. Along with the other crew, I arrived last Monday amid heavy rain that drenched the region for five days, causing sink holes, mud- and land-slides, road and bridge wash-outs, and which forced many central valley and Pacific coast residents out of their homes. Fortunately, we remained unharmed and did what could be done indoors to prepare. I didn’t get much beyond test recordings, however, as the weather made it difficult to gather any environmental sound other than that of heavy rain fall (and the rushing water of run-off). Highlights of the week were the mama three-toed sloth, baby clinging underside, and the various squirrel and capuchin monkeys that come to visit.

When the sun finally prevailed yesterday, we ventured out to check some other locations, a couple of which were quite spectacular. I spent today labeling and packing all the audio gear, which is housed in our lesser-humidity zone (AKA “the bodega”) along with other important equipment (to protect it from the mold that has appeared on various articles of clothing and baggage). In addition to location sound I’m also managing both audio and visual media, so I prepared various external hard drives and made copious notes about what’s going where and how it will be organized and named.

The cast arrived this evening and is settling in. I’m going over the script making notes about extra audio needed for each scene (ambient, foley). Soon we’ll all be caught up in a whirlwind shooting schedule.


Over the last few weeks I’ve been preparing for a month-long stint doing location sound for an independent feature film that will be shot in Costa Rica. This has involved familiarizing myself with the recording device, a Marantz PMD661, and several different mics.

While I’ve had various bits of training and experience in sound recording and mixing, it is not my most comfortable area of technical knowledge, so I’ve also been reading a bit, from my own library (Rabiger’s book ‘Directing: Film Techniques and Aesthetics‘ and Ascher & Pincus’ ‘Filmmaker’s Handbook‘) and from a few online resources, such as, where I found this inspiring article ‘On Being Creative‘ by Randy Thom.

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