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So very much time has elapsed since my last entry, though I had been working on something:

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Posted a year to the day later.

Last month I attended three offerings of AGO artist-in-residence Paul Butler’s Post-Post-Graduate Studies series:

‘What is Art?’ – a panel discussion with Ian Carr-Harris, Yvonne Lammerich, Tara Downs. Both Paul Butler and curator Steven Loft, who were scheduled to be on the panel, were unable to be present.

I took notes, though the most resonant bits continue to reverberate in my thoughts without reference to my little Moleskine.

I summarized the heart (or, at least, what thrilled *my* heart and tickled *my* neurons) of the ‘What is art?’ discussion in a FaceBook comment:

“Well, there’s no single answer, of course, but Ian Carr-Harris had a lovely distilled nugget of abstraction that could apply to the various things people think art is: that recognition is key, where recognition is a mode of connection and art is a connective tissue; that art-making is an attempt to record a recognition and art is a reflection of what the artist recognizes.”

Mixed metaphors notwithstanding, that about sums it up.

There were both encouraging and dismaying aspects of ‘Selling Art without Selling Out’ – a presentation by painter John Hartman and art collector Doug Steiner, who had to cancel due to a family emergency. Now I’ll [de|re]fer to my notes…

Excerpt of my notes from the AGO's Post-Post-Graduate Studies lecture series, with sketches of John Hartman, Paul Butler and my cell phone.

Look! Permission to be goofy! Not only that, following the awkwardness will bring you closer to your own artistic voice! Jubilation and glee (sarcasm-free, serious-ly)! Then there’s that whole “getting into galleries & museums” thing…

‘Artists are Different’ by Dr. Jeanne Randolph was an engaging, entertaining and rather validating experience…

…about which I meant to say much more a year ago, likely even including another scanned image of my notes. But now, I just want to release this long-abandoned incomplete blog post!

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